Sniper games are the video games which are based on the army expedition involving a mission, guns, army men, enemies and the most interesting part, a great graphic user interface effect. The game become interest multiple times when there are many features involved, the story line is great, requires less RAM but as the GUI is heavy, usually all the sniper games require a lot of memory, and have a great interface. If someone would ask me, about some amazing sniper game, I have a whole list that might suit him and can probably enjoy.

The list of some best Sniper Games is:

Hitman: It tops my list as with great story line, graphics and the snipers make it the best. As the name suggest, you are the hitman in the game and not just an ordinary one, you are titled as the best and first-class assassin. You have to achieve a target my completing a mission of hitting the target in the best manner that you can. The competition is you yourself, and the race is to become better than the best.’

Sniper Elite 4:

The XBOX A-list product steals the attention of every gamer who lover sniper games. It gives you a real feel by giving you the rush through adrenaline and provides with the thrill you always look for. This feel, provides a game an edge over others. You are an undercover agent of World War 2 and has to work in order to put the war to an end. You have an authentic sniper simulation to change the course of history and take control of Germany’s nuclear secrets.

Sniper Ghost Warrior:

The most exciting factor about tis game is, you can control your breathing and this would improve the accuracy of the sniper shot. The realisitic approach the guns provide becomes an A factor of the game.

Arma 3:

You can play single player and train yourself to become a better warrior. You have to follow the story line and strive to beat the enemies. You can also create your own scenarios with the option provided of content creator mode.

Battlefield 1:

You can experience the real, World War 1 combat with all the weapons, wars and missions to accomplish giving the game the rush and edge over all other games. You can use tanks, horses, guns, airships, explosives, boats, with amazing graphics and spawns.

Sniper Elite Zombies:

It is an extension of the Sniper Elite mentioned earlier, where your sniping techniques and skills are put to risk every time fighting with the horrifying realistic zombies. Fighting a war of living v/s the dead where either you kill or get killed and there is no in-between.

Squad, Insurgency, Counter-Strike: Go., Far cry 4,  Call of Duty Grand Theft Auto+ Mod.